Massage...Align, Adjust & Be Well

All massages include warm stones, a warm facial compress and aromatherapy

Sojourn Signature Massage
Our Swedish full body massage is healing for mind, body and soul. You don't want to miss out on this experience, it helps alleviate pain, relieves muscle tension and reduces stress. Our experienced massage therapists adapt eclectic techniques to fit your needs designing a massage that best suits you. Can be given side-by-side. 

60 Min $100 / 90 Min $140
Firm to Deep Work add $20

30 Min Foot Massage add-on

Starts with massage on the feet and lower legs then adding the warm stones. We then use Yonka's organic sea salts with plant extracts and essential oils to exfoliate the feet, wrapping them in warm towels and finishing with a cooling peppermint foot cream. Your sore aching feet will love you for this! 

30 Min added to your massage / $60 

Side-by-Side Massage
Receive our Sojourn Signature massage right next to a lover, friend or family member. This is an all time favorite for a lot of our guests. Massage is such a great experience to be shared. We don't encourage talking during our treatments so you can still reach that state of relaxation you are desiring.
Pricing is the same as our Sojourn Signature Massage.